...welcome...we have been waiting for you...
enjoy your journey through the LAND,
a secret island, through time, near the ancient isle of Crete.
A place where you may indulge your talents for the performing arts!


Our Website is Currently being Updated...at this time all of our links might not be working...we thank you for your patience.
Please email us at iloveit@thelov.org with "any" questions you may have, or give us a call 210-844-4298.

See What's Playing Now - A Clip From The Tempest!
Jesse - Prospero is 14!
Kate - Miranda is 12!
Tamara - Ariel is 10!



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...soon everyone will be saying,
I love it in the Land Of Virtuosity! "

Land Of Virtuosity
is an Always Family Appropriate
performing arts academy & conservatory

 motion picture studio
live family theatre
community center


(consider the graphic above)
Leaping the Bull


was a revered sport and a favorite pastime of Ancient Minoan Youth.  They were diligently trained for years as expert gymnasts. Girls and boys trained equally as they prepared for the day they would face the beast. 
They learned to approach the bull and as he lowered his massive head to charge them, the children fearlessly stood fast preparing to grasp his horns. Upon contact, the bull reared his head to loose them, but these gracefully trained athletes used the momentum to effortlessly flip over his back.  It must have been spectacular and breathtaking to see.
Children are incredible and magical beings.  They thrive on the nurturing encouragement of their parents and families.  They tend to be fearless and most of them will try any sport or activity.  They are amazingly willing to learn if someone will take the time to teach them in a positive environment.  They truly have limitless potential.

We believe in instilling the pursuit of excellence in every child who enters the LOV and our goal is to encourage each one to pursue excellence for themselves...being the best they can be, not because anyone else expects them to, but because it's what they want.

Jump In!  It's Fun!
will make a difference!

  ...enjoy your exploration of this site....
We promise...you'll like what we do!

Please return often to see our progress and updates to this site.

Thank you!

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We can't wait to hear from you!

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